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30 July 2012

So much time has passed...

I am really not sure what to say these days. Life has definitely had it's ups and downs this year.

I guess i'll start by talking about how weird it was that my last post was Martina McBride's song "I'm Gonna Love You Through It". That was posted last December. Little did I know that cancer was going to creep into my family and threaten to destroy everything I love. In March of 2012 my mom went to her family physician to try and remedy some issues she was having. He made an assessment and then sent her to an OB/GYN. The OB did further testing and discovered that she had two masses. One I believe was on her cervix and then they found one in the lining of her uterus. They quickly did some biopsies. Then one night as I was headed into the bank I received a phone call from my mom. She confirmed our worst fears. Cancer! At her doctors urging she went to CfAM to get a second opinion. This doctor verified that it was cancer and that mom had a good shot at beating it.

Several weeks later Dad and I sat and waiting patiently while my mom underwent surgery to remove all of her reproductive organs along with several lymph nodes. Thank goodness for good friends and family. The Pastor at their church came in before mom went into surgery and was able to pray with us. Several good friends also came by while we waiting. Thanks Bev, Jim, Shirley, John and Barb! Let me also thank my brother in law Bob for also calling to check on us that day.

After a couple of hours Dad and I were summond to meet with the doctor. It was then we were told that mom would be just fine. As long as the lymph nodes came back clear there would be no radiation and therefore no chemo. It was a weight lifted for sure.

Poor mom didn't have a great recovery though. She was there longer than originally planned since she was unable to keep any food or liquid down. Luckily things progressed and worked themselves out.

Today my mother is cancer free and spending her time outside of work spending lots of time with her grandkids!

Mom - I am so proud of you and how strong you were throughout everything! We love you so much!

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Ebethteach said...

I am so glad to hear the positive ending!!!