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09 March 2011

The ABC's of Me!

A: Age -- 30
B: Bed Size -- King
C: Chore Your Hate -- Folding Laundry
D: Dogs -- Allergic
E: Essential Start Your Day Item -- Dr. Pepper
F: Favorite Color -- Green
G: Gold or Silver -- Silver
H: Height -- 5'3
I: Instruments You Play -- Piano
J: Job Title -- Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Admin Asst.
K: Kids -- Briana 12, Kaleigh 12, Larry 11, Tyler 8, Chase 7, Chandler 3
L: Live -- Missouri but raised on the east side in Fairview
M: Mother's Name -- Kathleen aka Kathy
N: Nicknames -- Shan, NaNa, Shn, Nic
O: Overnight Hospital Stays -- Too many to count right now
P: Pet Peeve -- When people purposly try to annoy you
Q: Quote from a Movie --
R: Right or Left-Handed -- Right
S: Siblings -- 1 Older Brother David. Then I have 8 Sister in Laws and 7 Brother in Laws -
Sarah is married to my brother (3 kids)
Bo (aka Deborah, Debbie, watcher of my youngest Bam)is Larry's oldest sister and she is married to Tom (1 kid)
Gary is next in line and he is married to Lenora (3 kids)
Kathy is the crazy one whom always cracks me up (5 kids)
Mike is my mother in law's fourth baby and he is married to Chris (5 kids)
Scott is the fifth sibling and he is married to Denise (6 kids)
Tammy is married to Larry (who knows how to fix EVERYTHING) (2ids)
Bob is the brother that works with my husband. He is married to Debbie whom I love! (3 kids)
Becky is the baby daughter of my mother in law. She is married to Jeff (4 kids)

Now most of their kids have kids. Suffice it to say we have a HUGE family! One that I love and have grown very close to.

T: Time You Wake Up -- Anyware between 5:45 and 7:00am

U: Underwear -- Any
V: Vegetable You Dislike -- ALL
W: What Makes You Late -- Life

X: X-rays You've Had Done -- Too many to count
Y: Yummy Food You Make -- Grilled Chicken w/Lemon Basil Pasta
Z: Zoo Animal Favorite -- Cheetah


Ebethteach said...

You crack me up, and I love this idea!
Veg you dislike all lol
I am praying for you girl in all your ups and downs and am super glad you popped back up here!!

Shannon said...


You should totally steal this and do it for yourself. I love reading about other people!