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05 January 2010

Christmas in Florida

Santa came early for our kids this year. To our surprise he came to the house while we were at my sister in law's house. We were absolutley shocked to see their reaction when they walked through the door. As usual Santa got each of them lots of things from their lists and several things that weren't. After everyone had open their presents a letter was found. We opened it and showed it to the kids and they were in complete and utter shock. The letter read "Dear Price Family, Merry Chrismtas! I hope that you had a good year and I hope that next year will bring you lots of fun times. Now... Pack your bags you're going to Disney World.

Yup that's right folks Santa Claus sent our family to Sunny Orlando Florida. I threw the kids for a loop when I told them they only had 20 minutes to pack. Once everyone was ready and in the Yukon we drove to my mom's house for Christmas with my side of the family.

We left mom's at around 9:30 and drove until Nashville where we slept in a hotel for a couple of hours. Christmas morning we continued our drive and got into Florida at around 8:00 Florida time.

The first night we ended up at McDonalds. I know what your thinking, yes I did say McDonalds but this wasn't just any McDonalds, this was the biggest playplace in the world. The kids had a good time but I was already missing Chandler. He stayed home with my mom this time around. Once we left we decided to get showered and sleep.

First thing Saturday morning we went to Downtown Disney where we walked around and took in all there was to see down there. We also had a pretty good lunch at Planet Hollywood.

That same afternoon we decided to head out to Cocoa Beach Pier so that the kids could see the ocean. They had a great time.

The Seagulls were walking on top of the awning and I just loved to watch their little feet. We also saw Pelicans. I never knew they were so HUGE.

Here are all the kids "surfing" :)

Later that night after we got cleaned up we decided to visit Old Town. This was a neat place. They had shops up and down the street, vendors selling these really yummy pork and chicken kabobs. They also had one huge carnival that is all year round.

Larry just couldn't stay away from the Karaoke!

We had such a fun day that we all crashed as soon as we got to the hotel. Sunday we decided to take a drive the other direction and head to the white sand beach in Clearwater. Wow was it beautiful. They kids had a great time digging things up and fiding the most gorgeous shells. Here are a few photos for now.

We had lunch at Frenchies and everyone had a good time.

Well folks that's all your gonna for now...Magic Kingdom and Sea World up in a few days.


Jamie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...the pictures look great.
Can't wait to rub it in when I got to the beach!
Love ya girl

Ron said...

I love the fact that you only gave the kids 20 minutes notice. That's CLASSIC! Trust me ... they'll be talking about that years from now in their mental memories!

nice job.

Shannon said...

Thanks Ron! We wanted to surprise them and I'm glad we were able to keep it a surprise for as long as we did! We had a great time though.

So what comes next said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! giving them 20minutes to pack..omg priceless!