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08 July 2009

The Lake

Summers were so special when I was a kid. Why? Because every summer during July my family along with some great friends would go to the lake. My parents had a condo right off the Grand Glaze Bridge and we loved it. My friend Amanda and I would talk for months about what we wanted to do when we got there. When we were really young we always had to go to Big Surf. That seemed less important the older we got. Their was always one particular must that never changed through the years. We absolutely had to go see Gabby Gum and family down on Main Street! Yes we were complete nerds one year and went to see the same show SEVERAL times.

As my parents take off for the lake this weekend I will be remembering all the fun times shared down at the lake. I will be bitter and crabby since i'm not getting to go but I do hope they have fun!


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